Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Other Keepers

 I mentioned yesterday, that set help was the big part of my recent trade with Nathan-John-Mercer, but wasn't the only help - and here is the rest.

I took a look and cleaned out the Leaf traders he had. I also did similar with the Bruins for a certain other local collector, but won't share those here.

Most of these were just adding copies of Leaf cards already in my collection, though a couple will likely play the role of set building assistant.

The Bear is a new to my collection sticker - I do know that at least. I also took a look at inserts in case there were any that caught my eye, and I found a few...

Given the small size, the national hockey card day sets are one I always look after the fact to pick up cards for. Also, don't mind the Toronto Star In The Game set from 2002-03, and the inserts (foil cards) are a couple new to me ones.

These are the winners though as I was able to complete the insert set from the 2005-06 McDonalds release - the checklists. May not be a snazzy insert set, but it's one I now have completed - woo hoo!

We start on the extras from the trade tomorrow.

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