Saturday, January 25, 2020

A box in a day

I don't usually buy hanger boxes, but I did end up with a few in the Dave and Adam purchase from last year. A couple boxes of 2017 WWE Then Now Forever because I have half of that set, and at 42 cards in each, I am hoping 2 will get me close to, or completed on the set.

Only time will tell, but today, we knock through one of those....

The box is a little beat up, but odds are all clear and can be read, and I am sure the cards inside are good. Reminder on the scoring and off we go...

Base Card1
Base Sports Card Need3
Base Wrestling Card Need4
Base Variation / Short Print CardOdds
Base Toronto Card15
Base Toronto Variation / Short Print Card5 * Odds
Insert CardOdds
Toronto Insert Card5 * Odds
Box Bonus CardsPer Pack Odds
Error CardDouble Score

The box, in simple terms, acts like 6 packs put together - similar odds, so will use the pack odds for the cards (though the only one that matters is that the John Cena inserts fall every 6 packs, otherwise, the odds aren't enough to make a difference as dupe inserts here, for what they are, single points anyway because the finishers and signature move cards fall two per pack anyway.


I forgot there would be so many insert cards in the 42, that the number of base are low enough, I hope to be under 25 to go when this is over.

These got better as they progressed - Natalya onward are some good cards - especially Shawn.

There were some insert keepers as well...

I like the bronze parallels, even if they aren't very rare coming every other pack. The Cesaro is nice with the red and bronze playing well colour wise. The Cena insert is every 6 packs, so one here makes sense, and the 5 roster update exclusive cards are all new. Love getting the Velveteen Dream, he is going to be such a star for the next decade if he wants to be.


As there would be with 6 packs, 12 inserts from the finishers set, and as I have 45 of the 50 cards already, not a single new one and I still have 5 to go.

I also didn't fare the best on the base set as I should have gone 50/50 since I had half the set, but with only 9 new cards, there were 13 dupes. At least one is Mandy Rose - makes me feel a little bit better.

Definitely a little deflated on that one, though it cost less than $5 CDN, so no real harm done. Hopefully the second one I get to later does a little bit better.

1 Pack, 42 Cards, 89 Points.

Yeah, definitely the low end here, even below the Dollarama 80 I opened so far. Makes sense given the cards - would have taken a real hit to save this one.

A couple other quick shares with...a single Listia card pickup...

My first parallel from the 2019 Topps 150 year anniversary stamped set. Really stepping in it there Sean...

We also have a small PWE trade with fordwaters at TCDB...

I don't collect minor league cards, but these have always confused me. Though not pictured in Toronto garb, these are noted as being Toronto draft picks on the back. I debated collecting them or not, and well, for now, will collect them as long as the cards note the Toronto drafting. Still not collecting minor league cards, but these will do for now...


  1. Lots of WWE wrestling on the cheap at D&A's actually went there after a BJ's game in October past , as was disappointed they have more inventory offered online than in-store which makes little sense. I did not even break the 100$ mark in spending, huge fun place but obviously the majority of the stock is in back.

    1. When I go, I place an order online for pick up at the store, which they have no problem doing. This way, I go by, spend a bit in store, but pick up the box of goodings I ordered online. Definitely more online selection though as you say.

    2. Cool ! So you've been there and know what i mean , the place is awesome but it's like we'll show what we want to move.Nice arcade section!

    3. Our family makes the trip to Buffalo and Rochester (Strong Museum) every year or two, so I order and we stop by. The kids love the arcade section because they can play for free while daddy looks at card stuff. It's where I buy my boxes, if we are doing the trip, on the cheap, then go through them. I have barely touched the boxes I bought last year when we went in summer 2019...plan to get through them this year as I don't think we are making the trip this year.

  2. That Natalya is my favorite of the hanger but that Aliyah in action shot is pretty sweet. I like and Dave and Adams. I'll have to remember they have an in store option if I ever get up that way. Good post.