Monday, January 6, 2020

Oh BeeHive

As I figured with the last couple days of Leafs coming from the purchase, many more new Leafs.

Really like the Bee Hive cards, though I don't have too many of them. Nice to pick up the Owen Nolan card here, as well as the Ovation cards as these are not ones I see a lot of anyway.

One surprise in the pack - a non-keeper...

Minor league cards are just not my thing.

Plenty of dupes as well, though they are keepers for the collection anyway...

A continued and great variety of sets, and another Starquest isn't a bad thing, even if it isn't a new one. Very similar to the McDonald card pick ups as I can never get enough of these.

Definitely a more impressive bunch of Leafs than the last few days, and one more day of Leaf cards to go!


  1. That Atomic Sundin is pretty cool. I think I was out of the hobby when Pacific started producing that line of cards. But had I been collecting during that era, I probably would have picked some up. I really like the giant logo in the background.

    1. Some of the designs were ahead of their time (in a good way).

    2. Pacific had some of the nicest cards too bad they couldn`t hang in the biz. Got 3 " Triple Play" packs today thanks !

    3. I find a nice easy way to package cards safely in a PWE is reusing packs like that.