Friday, January 31, 2020

2017 WWE Then Now Forever Hanger Box 2

Nope, not a creative title, but it isn't a creative box either.

First the scoring...

Base Card 1
Base Sports Card Need 3
Base Wrestling Card Need 4
Base Variation / Short Print Card Odds
Base Toronto Card 15
Base Toronto Variation / Short Print Card 5 * Odds
Insert Card Odds
Toronto Insert Card 5 * Odds
Box Bonus Cards Per Pack Odds
Error Card Double Score

then, well...know what else wasn't very creative....a lot of the same cards in this box as the last...

Yeah - even the roster updates which are exclusive to these boxes saw 4 of the 5 cards being identical to the first hanger box I opened. I could get down on these negatives, but instead will focus on the fact I can change these dupes into cards I want via trade - always a positive.

So what did I get out of this box to keep?

Just 5 base additions, however getting Drew, Elias and Ruby were exciting adds. Ruby reminds me of Paige a bit in the "outside the box" look and character, which I personally find amazingly great. Would love to see her get a great push in the Women's division.

Best news of the box would be the insert adds...

The Charlotte card is a great photo - base or bronze, and getting a couple more of my missing finishers and signature move insert set is great as I am closer to finishing that one off.

Overall though, a very blah box, so no surprise, a very blah score.

1) 2018 Diamond Kings Baseball 6.0400
2) 2019 Topps WWE Women's Division Blaster 5.6825
3) 2017 Panini Chronicles Blaster 3.0000
4) Dollarama 80 Card Assorted Baseball Pack 2 2.5432
5) Dollarama 80 Card Assorted Baseball Pack 1 2.4578
6) 2017 WWE Then Now Forever Hanger Box 1 2.1190
7) 2017 WWE Then Now Forever Hanger Box 2 1.7857

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  1. No idea who Summer Rae is... but she's easy on the eyes.