Saturday, January 4, 2020

Still in the early 90s

Thought that the second day of going through the Leaf cards from the purchase may get to the mid 90s, but apparently, not quite that fast - but not necessarily a bad thing.

First up, one dupe card which will help for the set completion for 1990-91 Score Canadian..

Also, it wasn't until I went to enter these, that I realized that these cards are from the 1990-91 Score Hottest Rising Stars set, actually, a complete Toronto team set here...

This worked out well because I didn't have any of these cards before.

I also didn't have this one from the Traded set, same year...

Amazing to think cards that look so alike to what I have from Score that year, were still not in my collection, but that is fixed now.

As for the rest, all the dupes to add...

Kind of like yesterday, overwhelmed by a single set - here being 1990-91 Pro Set. There is one error Leaf card from the set, but didn't get it here (a Fergus card with a text error on the back).

These sets also show the change over with Bester and Potvin in net, but great photography on the cards for both here.

Okay, so maybe tomorrow we move into the mid 90s portion of the Leaf cards....I hope.


  1. Even though I focused on hockey a lot during the mid 90's... I actually prefer the early 90's hockey designs.

  2. Your post reminded me of how confusing the 1990-91 Score Hottest Rising Stars set was, because there wasn't much to distinguish them from the regular set. But the designs were fun back then, for sure.