Tuesday, January 21, 2020

A Star Insert

Again, these are darn nice looking cards, and I can appreciate them being a bit different. Mickey is a great insert card, even from an all Mickey insert set. Sure, without the logos, it looks a bit odd, but still decent. I'm not going to say that I will be buying more of the set or inserts, but I may trade for a few, including my Jays cards, a little more actively.

Beautiful to be able to get a Goose and Pesky as these fit so nicely into my "I am not buying vintage, but love to have cards of vintage players" wheelhouse.

Tyler hasn't had the greatest of seasons with Cincinnati, and JP moved from Philly to Seattle in 2019 where he played in about half the games for the Mariners.

Not a bad second pack at all - three more to go as I continue to guesstimate odds for the packs....

2 Packs, 10 cards, 43 Points.

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