Friday, January 24, 2020

Ending with a bang

Last pack from the quick 2018 Diamond Kings baseball card box, and we end nicely...just give me a second to cover the rest of the pack first...

The last new base'll excuse my excitement as I move over these quicker than I should.

A first Portrait insert and of Joe Morgan who more than deserves it. Reminds me very much of the Bee Hive sets with the wooden border.

We end the box with...

Felix Jorge, not only with material, but serial numbered out of 99. Given the product, there are decent odds for material hits, but the SN takes it up a level which is very nice. Okay, so maybe not the biggest start out there - I mean, at this point, just a cup of coffee in the bigs, but the card itself is downright pretty, even if there is a bit of lost space (though the versions which also include an autograph, use that space nicely).

5 Packs, 25 cards, 151 Points.

The nice surprise hit puts this box on top so far this year, but plenty more to open going forward still.


  1. Congratulations on pulling a hit. Not sure who Felix Jorge is... but I hope he ends up having a solid MLB career.

  2. Diamond Kings was great upon its return. The designs haven't changed drastically so the love isn't there for me anymore.