Monday, January 13, 2020

Wrestlemania Revisited

These came out of the pack one-two, and instantly remind of the Wrestlemania match. Would have expected that Triple H and Angle would have had to carry the match, but Steph did well and, although a bit protected, Ronda had an amazing first match. It was excellent for wat it was and all four should look back fondly on the outing.

Another big tie to Ronda, Shayna as I have mentioned, part of the MMA horsemen. A couple cards here with Shayna who is a multi time NXT Women's Champ.

The Team Besties insert...

Day one Trish - yowwie wowwie! Not sure all pre-med students look like Trish...

5 Packs, 35 Cards, 246 Points.


  1. Wow pre-med. That's pretty darn impressive. I'm sure she would have been a pretty popular doctor.