Tuesday, January 14, 2020


So...do we see a theme in the base cards for today?

Not one, not two, but three Asuka cards. Different focus on each, but involving her nonetheless. Asuka was still on a streak of being top of the division at this point before somewhat losing her way once the winning streak ended.

The rest of the base cards are blondes...

Alexa Bliss is another one of my current favorites. It's a shame the injuries on and off the last couple years, but even just in character, glad she sticks around TV during injuries as much as she did.

Okay, not sure highlighting a dance break on an Evolution insert card is really consistent with the theme of evolving women's wrestling, but here it is regardless. Scary how over this dance break thing was for a good while there.

Team Besties insert today is the last card in the insert set, the HOF induction for Lita, well deserved of course.

Another solid pack.

6 Packs, 42 Cards, 274 Points.


  1. Not the biggest fan of the direction WWE has taken Asuka. She just seems like this crazy woman who spits green stuff. That being said... I do enjoy watching her YT videos where she cooks and stuff.

    1. The YT channel is great - her personality comes through. Not enjoying the throwback foreigner who spits green mist either - too 1980s.