Sunday, January 19, 2020

A Cut Above

This is bound to happen a couple times this year, where I get a card I haven't seen before and think it is good enough to want to keep and start collecting a set. Here are the keepers. See if you can tell which one.

Yup, Joe Cronin and the SP Legendary Cuts card. There are a couple Legendary Cuts sets already on my list of sets to keep cards from, but this wasn't one as this is the first card I have gotten in hand from it (the 2003 year).

We do have a single Jays card - nothing new again, but a Jay nonetheless.

An uncorrected error with the number of RBI he had in leading the International League listed as 85 instead of 75.


In addition to the usual suspects, I don't think I had seen any 1994 Triple Play and here we have the crime dog. I though Triple Play in the 90s only last a couple years, but apparently it was a bit longer than that.

83 Cards, 204 Points.

No surprise, well behind the Women's Division blaster box, but I think the scoring system works as it should. Tomorrow, let's get into another box from Dave and Adam's.

Also want to share another quick PWE trade which came in. This one is from TCDB member althib with some nice Toronto goodies.

Here in 2009-10 In The Game Heroes and Prospects we have the complete Toronto Maple Leaf team set in a single card of Mt. Kennedy.......Kennedy.

The mish-mash of black and white photo with colour background looks a bit off here as I have seen it done better, but any new-to-me one card and done Leaf set works.

The only Jay is a lone Lind rookie card - still really dislike that Jays logo.

We get to add a new Douggie card which is appropriately, from Leaf, and some SP cards begging for a signature with all of the extra white space.

Wregget definitely did not have his best days in Toronto, but once he left. Then again generally, the 80s were not too kind to goalies with the high scoring and goal heavy play and style. At least the card is very In The Game style.

See - quick little PWE. A great way to end any post!


  1. Lol Mr Kennedy , i think i saw him last night on Impact along with the newly crowned champion Blachard whom beat what i think was a dude for the title(horrible storyline IMO) Maybe tomorrow you'll get my latest shipment.Take care !

    1. Not only that for Blanchard - all the stories coming out regarding her and backstage issues (attitude, bullying, racism, what have you), I have no idea how much is true, but regardless, just having that much circulating on it makes you wonder how much is true. Where there's a ton of smoke, you figure there must be a fire of some kind.

    2. Very interesting , i don't follow that Impact stuff much as there is plenty in the WWE to track what with them trying seemingly to recreate those days when they were battling the other show all on their own with "3 brands"

  2. I thought you were gonna say 1991 Topps... because that Benito Santiago is fantastic. Best of luck building the SP Legendary Cuts set. I haven't seen singles from that set very often.

    1. The Benito is beautiful (and 1991 Topps is on the list of to's a long list. The Legendary Cuts is definitely in a "I'll get it if I see it" stage. Maybe once I get a decent start, I will focus on it, but many others to focus on right now.