Sunday, January 26, 2020

Success with a box I don't need?

That is the question because today we start....

Okay Panini - 2017 Chronicles baseball. Another box which will give me issues as there aren't per pack odds really available, and because I have no interest in having 15 cards (as I put away one of the packs for THAT collection, to have me interested in chasing down this set....even if the base set is only 100 cards (well, the pure base set as there are 50 SN cards at the end of it to make it 150).

Sad that such a big pack includes four packs...

Oh well. Let's start this, whatever this is going to be...

Base Card1
Base Sports Card Need3
Base Wrestling Card Need4
Base Variation / Short Print CardOdds
Base Toronto Card15
Base Toronto Variation / Short Print Card5 * Odds
Insert CardOdds
Toronto Insert Card5 * Odds
Box Bonus CardsPer Pack Odds
Error CardDouble Score

Pack 1:

Not really a fan of the design at all. The duplicated picture isn't great when it could have been two different ones, the front is taken up by too much verbiage, and the lack of colour is noticeable.

Well, this at least makes up for it a bit as I can knock one of the Jays off the want list at least. The news article write up is different, but I much rather if they would have just kept it all on the back.

Prizm rookie inserts - my guess is every 6 packs or so on this one. Mancini has become a solid player for Baltimore whereas this card comes after he was in 5 games in 2017 (though he has since played almost all games for Baltimore in 2017-2019).

So, another box where I have to guesstimate on points for my least the base and Jays take care of themselves.

1 Pack, 5 Cards, 24 Points


  1. Definitely not a design I go for. As you said the write-up is better suited for the backs.