Thursday, January 23, 2020

Dodging the Past and Present

I only have one complaint about the following base cards...

Like Mantle at 7, shouldn't Jackie always be card number 42? I haven't looked closely at the checklist to see if it was done in section right through with past stars at the front of the set, but would have made sense to call it card 42 here - it's Jackie for goodness sake!

The pack, and actually this box, has been a Dodger hotbed of cards. We have another base Dodger here and...

Another solid design staring a couple more Dodger stars and the moving from Gonzalez to Bellinger. As much as I love the blue, would be better as Jays blue personally. A solid topic, I like the idea of stars through time with a team and how positions and leadership change. I like the idea of even three or four say captains on a single card and noting the transition between. Could make a nice insert set like this.

4 Packs, 20 cards, 84 Points.

One more pack to go tomorrow!


  1. I'm on board with cards having numbers related to the players especially great players. Plenty of Dodgers but that Posey is my favorite of these.

  2. I think Topps has put him as card #42 a few times over the years... which is awesome. Love collecting #42.