Thursday, January 30, 2020

A little is enough and a lot is unexpected

The second half of the 80 card pack up for today.

The set build helpers...

The A's of the late 80s and early 90s is a team I know better than most. Likely because they were one of the really good teams, and one I measured the Jays against each year. Specifically looking at 1988 through 1992 as the 1989 year saw the Jays lose to the A's in the playoffs, and of course 1992 was revenge when the Jays went through the A's on their way to winning the World Series that year.

Terry Steinbach was one of the cogs for those years and a player, with the same career, but in the NL, I probably wouldn't really remember as well.

Speaking of Jays though...

Neither new, but still - woo hoo!

With printing errors, sometimes being off just a little is just enough to make it into the error binder in my collection...

You can see the misalignment on the name and team at the bottom, which was enough that I notice, and can call this a misprint (I know, not really an "error", but I use the term error more loosely to include printing errors).

We finish with the "stuff you can have, just ask" pile...

A bit heavier in the "junk" period than some of the ones I have done, specifically 1990 Donruss.

81 Cards, 206 Points.

1) 2018 Diamond Kings Baseball 6.0400
2) 2019 Topps WWE Women's Division Blaster 5.6825
3) 2017 Panini Chronicles Blaster 3.0000
4) Dollarama 80 Card Assorted Baseball Pack 2 2.5432
5) Dollarama 80 Card Assorted Baseball Pack 1 2.4578
6) 2017 WWE Then Now Forever Hanger Box 1 2.1190

Well, it does show me at least that, unless a hangar box is a set I want to collect, and something not yet started in my collection, these repacks may be a better bet for the price.

What is the better bang for the buck? Trading partners - you get a lot of what you want and need without the excess. Today, part of a recent package I received from baseballcardstoreca at TCDB, but also the online store at which, as you can see from the partial package here, isn't really just baseball cards.

First up is a bunch of help on the 1991-92 Stadium Club set build as I needed some Toronto dupes and some other nice cards like Ed Belfour (great mask photo) and Mario Lemieux and even Patrick Roy (a decent mask shot there as well). I still have a few dozen cards to go, but may look to wrap this one up this year by trades as I presume the cards I need should be fairly accessible.

2006-07 Upper Deck Power Play was a set I bought a box of to get the 100 card pure base set. You also got 6 of the 30 rookie cards in a box, but I figure, it should be decent enough to try and finish the entire base set, so still looking to slowly add the rest of those missing rookie cards, including this one.

Though no completed sets from what was included, I did get two completed Leaf team sets out of it with the few missing 1998-99 Upper Deck MVP set cards I needed, and the entire 4 card team set (well, not included high number SNs and such) 2003-04Upper Deck Rookie Update. A typical UD design for the period, not too offensive, but doesn't really stand out to me. Is highlighted by Mogilny who was a face before joining the Leafs, along the same lines as Lindros.

Here we start getting into the random pile of new Leafs for my collection. How can you not love that bottom row of cards of "The Cat". Especially the Electric Ice parallel in the middle, such a great shot of his mask.

Even the other Parkie and Gold Topps parallels are solid - as well as Tim Horton, can't forget about Timmy!

We move into some mid-90 shine with Metal and Leaf Limited which are the first cards from the set for me. Love them for the solid card stock - one of the easy wins to get into my good books, a solid card stock.

The 1997-98 Donruss Preferred would be a set that I'd try and complete if I thought I could pick up a bunch quickly and affordably, but don't see them much, let alone the die cut parallel like this one.

Also want to point out the last Pacific card, Tie Domi, is a nice red parallel, as are the couple here...

Gold Label cards again, thick card, nice shine, decent scan here, just solid, high quality feeling cards. Also - it's Cujo!

We also add some Sundin, and then get into the third goalie in the string that were big names in goal while I really watched growing up...The Cat, Cujo, Eddie The I guess that would be cat, dog and bird?

Early 2000s bring some Upper Deck needs and Ian Turnbull in another of the throwback type legend sets - not as dear to my tastes as 2008-09 Upper Deck Masterpieces though.

Oooooh - die cuts! On one hand, the crown shape for Pacific makes perfect sense, which the round shape on the idea what they are going for there, but enlighten me if you know.

Otherwise, lots of metallic shine between the Prizm, O Pee Chee Platinum and Certified sets here, including heavy goalie content.

We end as excited as we start with a rookie Marner card to top it off. It may not be an Upper Deck Young Gun, but doesn't matter much to me - an awesome Leaf who will hopefully be here for a good long time, and a great rookie card to have.

To the same extent, the Bozak Canvas is awesome for a different reason - how do you know love the pic and get a feel for the emotion of the kid enjoying the game?

Amazing package of Leafs, but that wasn't all that was sent, though it will take me a few days to get to the Jays content. I am getting into the busier time of year with work, so not always the easiest to get to everything I want to.


  1. Awesome blog lots of reading fun! I think the Roenick was a variation from the 91-92 stadium, but i'm quite certain you noticed that!
    Have a great day !

    1. Yes - you send so many good cards, it'd take so long to detail each bit. :)

  2. Oh yeah , the gongshow grinder card is due to the gong being a round cymbal-like instrument. Gong show was like an early 70's ish version of what people know today as America's got talent.

    1. It clicked reading your comment. I remember watching what must have been a remake in the late 80s (looking it up in 1988-1989). Thinking about it now, the one clear memory of it I have is that an act was one singing a lyric "dead and gone" the same day my hamster died, which at the age of 8 was devastating. Interesting what you can find in a memory 30 years later.

    2. An unintentional rub-it-in of sorts ouch!

  3. Replies
    1. Absolutely assuming I remember by time I get to my cards tonight!

  4. I'd love to stumble across a set of 91-92 Stadium Club hockey one day that has been stored in a binder. It's such a beautiful set. I'd probably bust boxes and build it the old school way, but I've opened way too many 1991 Stadium Club packs and had the cards stick together.

    1. It is a set that seems very prone to sticky block syndrome.

  5. Really nice Leafs. Curtis Joseph was one of my favorite goalies in the 1990's. In 1995-96 he played in the IHL on the Las Vegas Thunder-- I remember it kinda being a big deal when he was there.

    He always looked good in the Leafs uniform.