Monday, May 9, 2022

10 Short

 Although this isn't a set I would evet purposely collect - it is hard sticking this up for trade when I am all of 10 cards short on the complete 200 card base set...

1992 Impel Marvel cards are pretty cool for what they are. If you liked the comics, follows the shows of the 90s, or of course the more recent moves, you will have a good idea about many of the names on the cards. It's really the comics though where these draw their write ups and details.

It's not like there are sports stats to fill the back, so having some arbitrary stats for different characteristics isn't a bad way to go, along will a nice write up.

The base cards have a number of subsets too, including Team-Ups like you see here.

Heck - you even get a rookies it is kind of like a sports card set after all.

The question I have is - is it just a matter of time before all of these teams get into a movie or two. I know a few already have, and Marvel movies seem to be big bucks so....?


  1. Love the 90's Impel Marvel sets. Just completed the 1991 set yesterday... which completes the 4 series run. Now I just need some 9 pocket pages to display them.

  2. While not my favorite of the 90's Marvel sets, this is still a pretty cool set, and one that you should definitely try to finish. And who knows, maybe you're son will be interested in it someday.

    1. As it turns out, I have had a couple people reach out with adding these cards on TCDB, and I may be able to help a few others finish the set - which is almost as cool as finishing the set myself.

  3. Didn't get many of these specific cards, but these early Impel Marvel sets were my intro to the Marvel superheroes since I didn't read comics.