Friday, May 27, 2022

Dabble Dribbles

 Today, we have a few random basketball cards coming out of the COVID lot of cards. No real rhyme or reason that I can see why these are together, but here we go.

I like the simplicity of the 1990 Fleer design. Actually didn't know a lot of the cards have a variation - something to do with the black line across the stats on the back. Yeah, the things TCDB and the community there are able to provide as knowledge are amazing. Nice to also pick up the Chambers insert.

Seen a bunch of 1996-97 Upper Deck from the prior lot, so definitely know the design. Best card of the bunch though...

I mean, put together the greatest player of all time, and the amazing basketball show that was Inside Stuff, and makes for a nice card. Sure, just a base card and not much for value, but for the memories in brings up - very amazing.

Ah well, not anything here for me to keep, but still some cool cardboard.


  1. Great cards. Augmon for the win as he is a personal favorite but love Chambers and those All-Star Cards as well. Fun post.

  2. Hi I have a Nick Robertson red parallel rookie class card for sale are you on Facebook ?