Monday, May 23, 2022

Brick Break

As you would expect, some of the cards in these big lots, depending on the set and how tightly they are packed. may be a little stuck together. The good news here - 1994-95 Pinnacle hockey tend to be a little sticky, but not bad enough that they damage cards.

This ahs been my experience and it continues to hold true with these.

We happily get a couple Leaf cards out of the bunch, though not exactly the big stars on the team. I do remember both given the time frame we are dealing with of the early 90s, but no Gilmour or Sundin.

Not a set I have been collecting, and still don't intend to. Too much design with the heavy foil name bad on the left side. Would love to have it be much more minimalistic- just takes away from the cards too much.

The photography is great, but it does make the posed and background green screened cards of Lidster and Housley stand out, and not in a good way. Don't get me wrong, the Studio style cards are great on their own, but when mixed in like this, they just stand out.

We get to end with a few of the subset cards which are pretty nicely designed, and a little less foiled, with Ice Breakers.

Not too shabby of a set, though the backs are not nearly as nice as the fronts, but I'll save those for another day as I expect we may see more of these.

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