Thursday, May 5, 2022

I Did It All For The Rookie

 Today, we get most of a set - 1988 Donruss The Rookies.

The design is the familiar 1988 Donruss design, just a bit different in colour for this 56 card rookie offering. Of the 56 cards, all are here, except for the Jays and a couple others.

At first I was hopeful that maybe the Jays were all in my Jays collection already, but not the case. I have a couple but am still missing a few, so I don't have a complete set with these, but definitely now on my radar of sets to finish off.

The backs, like the front, more of an aqua blue/green than the straight blue of the main Donruss set.

As we go through, the two non-Jays cards that are missing from this set are likely players someone along the way collected - Roberto Alomar and Edgar Martinez.

Definitely a couple of the big names in the small set, and very collectible guys - though less so after certain incidents for Roberto.

Just 4 cards MIA then for myself now with this one, and a chance some may be somewhere else in these boxes of cards as I know some player bunches do exist (and should make for some solid player specific postings as we go through).

Definitely would love more of these days though - solid set addition all the way.

Let's keep the Oren package train rolling today too...

Not only hockey cards, not only newer, but also some sweet retro look O Pee Chee cards, and Matthews too! That Rielly is really sweet looking to with the dark blue uni and the dark blue border...very nice.

A nice rookie card, though Keith Aulie didn't last too long with a couple part seasons in Toronto. He did stick around the league and play in parts of a few other seasons with Edmonton and Tampa Bay

Oh - that's a really nice looking Potvin too - silver and blue - very wonderful!


  1. Now I've got Limp Bizkit stuck in my head ;D

    1. It was stuck in my head too...not sure why though as it's been forever since I heard the song.