Friday, May 20, 2022

Adding "Vintage"

 We get a few set adds for a set that first came to be something I was collecting from the last lot of cards I went through - 2001-02 Upper Deck Vintage.

The turn of the century was a low point in following sports for me - the highs of watching as a school aged and high school aged kid of the 90s, too busy with the start of university and the change of life, sports getting throw aside, there are some holdovers of the 90s I know well like Sullivan, but players that were rookies the year before or in 2001-02 took me until the mid 2000s to catch up a bit on.

Gary was a 90s holdover - so was fine enough in knowing him! The above being the keepers, a majority are traders...

I think many people go through lulls of high interest and waning interest in following sports and in card collecting - when was your lull away from either, and how long did it last?

All in for card collecting, mine was about 14 years for the most part - 2000 - 2013. As for following sports - roughly 2000-2005 - which was pretty much university.

Let's keep working through the team baggies from Swing And A Pop-Up with some cards, a bit newer than those yesterday - here we are in around 2014-2016.

We start with the final base (not including crazy variation cards) for my 2014 Topps Update team set. Not a fan of cards which are "Toronto" cards where there is no front mention and the old non-Toronto team is noted like Cole here. The back notes "Toronto" as the team, but that's it. Looks out of place, but it is what it is and happy to have this team set completed.

The time was ripe for Bautista and EE cards as well as Lawrie and Lind - all names of the team that had solid success, but didn't quite get "there" on the quest.

First couple Gypsy Queen cards for by Toronto collection circa 2014.

Looking at the few years before and after - I really don't like the 2015 Topps base set design. Before may have been too white, and after there was the some colour and the waves, but the mish-mash colouring of the blue and red here, just doesn't do it for me.

4/5 of the 2016 Bowman base set Jays here, which brings my total Jay count from the set to.....4. We also end with Upton Jr. feeling bad for Cole earlier and deciding to continue to non-Jays uni up my collection.


  1. College took over for collecting in '85, and I didn't get back in until 2003. I think 2020 will be the start of at least a couple years losing interest in watching baseball or hockey...

  2. Really like the look of 2001-02 Upper Deck Vintage. As for my latest hobby lull... it took place from 2001 to 2007. As for sports as a whole, I've never taken a break. But there are times when certain sports are put on the back burner or shelved. Basketball was shelved a decade ago. Have very little interest in that sport (except for collecting Jordan and Kobe cards). And hockey has been placed on the back burner for me. I still follow the Sharks, but have no idea what's going on with the rest of the league.