Tuesday, May 3, 2022

1990 Donruss Baseball and Moren From Oren

 So this is one of those days going through a bunch of cards, and not going to show too many. I mean, 1990 Donruss is a set I remember well from my childhood, but there's so much of it.

Oh, and don't get me started on those INC and INC. variations. I have a complete mish-mash set, and have no interest in trying to make a master set to include both variations. I do however ensure my TCDB lists them correctly for trade purposes.

So - what did I find worth noting...

A handful of Grand Slammer inserts which I wasn't expecting to see but will gladly add as inserts.

The Bonus MVP cards were another great little insert set. As it turns out, I had some of each "dot" and "no dot" variation, so will try to finish off the two separate ones as these helped greatly.

Similar point on the Donruss Diamond Kings. May just be a subset, but I treat them like inserts because they are just so wonderful!

Picked up a few error cards as well, and then a bunch of dupe Jays cards too...

Actually, with these, there was a full copy of the MVPs insert set, so that's cool, even if I already had a set myself.

Sure, most of the hundreds of cards will just end up being trade bait which may take a while to move, but I can always go with traders - it's amazing how many people still need and collect sets that may have been heavily overproduced.

1990 Donruss baseball - does it stick out to you as a good set? Ugly set? What are your thoughts on it as a whole?

Let's add some more Oren received cards today - including a bunch of minis...

I don't recall ever getting so many minis at once, and getting parallels together, which is nice to have hand in hand like this.

All the newer cards are awesome - I mean, I generally run 3-4 years behind in my collecting because I don't spend much on new product and wait for it to be older and people not wanting, then pick up the cards I want for cheaper in bulk deals, etc...though that hasn't happened as much the last year or two given the collectibles market in general.

Ooooooo....shiny. Though I really love the blue theme of the team collection, it's hard to argue with the red Canada Day jersey, and the shiny of the cards...hard not to look! Definitely the shiniest part of the cards today!


  1. '90 Donruss is one of my favorite junk wax sets. I missed that whole period, so I've gone back and filled in the sets I like. I have most of the errors except for some of the All-Stars with regular season stats on the back and the checklist variations. Then there's the Grand Slammers, the green and blue peripheral sets, and if you're really ambitious (don't know that I am until I find a bunch), the Aqueous Tests. I'll check your database list...

  2. As always, any Expos can be deposited to your Expos collector buddy..

    1. Not to worry, there is a little pile growing here to head your way soon...