Monday, May 2, 2022

Puzzling Rookies

 When I was collecting as a kid, I didn't know about the Donruss "The Rookies" sets at all. They weren't in packs at the store, that was all I really knew. Since getting back into collecting, a lot of these have come up in trades and such, so at least I know a bit about them.

That said, I didn't realize the set included an insert - a normal card size card, but cut in puzzle pieces. We have two here - the puzzle from 1988...

and a couple from the 1990 set...

I'll count that as the complete insert set for each too!

These are smaller versions of the puzzles which had been inserted in the main set and made a larger puzzle, so another neat way to have that puzzle - not in tine form.

Too bad Stan has had the back taped, I guess because someone just wanted it to stay together. I'm keeping it anyway, so will get over it. The Carl's on the other hand, are in perfect condition.

Also means these get to be the first keepers from the COVID lot.

Let's tack on another pack of Oren cards today...

Wow - nice to get all the way back to 1982 Fleer, and the 1985 Topps design with Bell - always like that set design too. Some more 1989 Donruss, which again, may be dupes, but happily have a place in my collection now.

A little all over, which is cool as I enjoy the variety. Always like seeing Stadium Club cards, like Shannon Stewart here.

The last scan worth and all I can think of doing is putting a sticker of a parrot on Edwin's outstretched arm as he circles the bases. Remember when that was a thing? It was a thing in the Toronto area at least.

Really enjoying going through these...and plenty more to come from Oren.


  1. Yeah, heck I didn't know about the mini-Donruss puzzles until like two years ago!

  2. Big fan of the Donruss puzzles. My goal is to one day add all six of those Rookies mini puzzles to my collection one day.