Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Adding To The Club

 If there was one baseball set that I was hoping to see more of in this lot, it would be 1992 Stadium Club. The set is huge at 900 cards, and I was just under 1/3 of the set before today, and now am over 350 cards - sweet!

Even in the early years of Stadium Club, the photography stood out, and now these cards just "are" Stadium Club.

I didn't collect the set at the time, just wasn't really available. I guess the release, being in three parts was akin to having a series 1, series2, and update, so shouldn't be too surprised at the releasing in three pieces, but I think it was unusual at the time.

Though I am just showing all the keepers today, many had dupes so I also have traders if anyone is interest. I do keep my TCDB traders right up to date, so just check them out.

It was a really interesting way to get a second photo on the back by using a Topps rookie card. I mean, give a visual of a rookie card so someone who doesn't have it, may be attracted to collecting earlier cards. Why not?

Glad the charts didn't become a staple of card backs though.

No Jays in the bunch, but not going to complain given the success in the set build here - very successful card day.

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