Sunday, May 29, 2022

A Different Angle

A quick post today because we don't have a lot of cards from this set to look through, but you kinda get a two for one with each card...

Sportflics cards that are in excellent condition. They may scan, showing the different lines on the front, but they are excellent in hand.

I don't recall seeing much of these back when I was collecting as a kind in the late 80s, and still in getting lots the last few years, I still don't see too much of them.

The backs are a simple and solid design, and full stats are always a plus. The Sportflics logo across the bottom may be a bit big, but then again, it is a longer name, so hard to keep it small. Not sure if the cards and Sportflics sets in the late 80s get the love they deserve.

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  1. Sportflics weren't as available back then if I remember correctly, so getting the opportunity to get a pack was a big deal.