Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Clubbin' It

 With 1992 Stadium Club baseball being a huge 900 card set - it's one of the larger sets I am working on collecting (albeit slowly), right now. It's in lots like this one that I hope to come across a bunch of additions to the set in one spot, and I lucked into that today big time.

Of course if I am working on a set, I need dupes of Jays to ensure I have copies for the set and for the team collection, so more than welcome getting a couple Jays. The real good time for today is the fact that the rest were keepers, except for two.

Sometimes it's just nice to see page upon page of these cards with the solid photography on the front...and the backs were unique too of course...

Still find the rookie card pic an interesting addition.

Since we are talking about Clubbin'...Ruben looks ready...

Not sure why such a different photo for Ruben, and stands out from all the on field shots, but still - nicely put together.

Oh, and the couple cards that aren't keepers..

Well, the Expo has a home already, but great day of set collecting here!


  1. Wallach looks like he's going to shot put the baseball

  2. Have a fairly decent stash of extras of these. Let me know what you're missing when you're done sifting.

    1. Sorry, that's GCA of The Collective Mind

    2. Appreciate the offer, and will do!

  3. Now it's odd to see posed shots in Stadium Club but back then it didn't matter, it was Stadium Club!