Wednesday, July 20, 2022

A Bit of Each

 Pulling cards from this COVID lot has usually meant some kind of theme - same player, set, etc, but today, it's like a pack of assorted sports cards, which still works out just fine.

I really like that 1998 Sports Illustrated Then & Now set. I didn't know it existed until I got a fair number of the cards from a previous lot, but getting more here will be an awesome help too. Add to the fact it's Canadian-born Fergie, and that's like icing on the cake! May just be the one today, but it was a need, and brings me to 89/150 for the base set.

As for the 2001-02 Upper Deck Vintage, similar story - had a bunch in prior lots, and glad to see more needs knocked off here as I needed them all, though maybe not two copies of Sanderson.

Well, I said it was a bit of each, and that would mean the other big sports too. Sets I've seen with 1996-97 Upper Deck basketball and 1992 Pro Set football. My only comment for these cards is, I have no idea why the photo for Pickens was cropped the way it was with so much air space above him, but cutting off his legs at the same time.

Still a very solid "pack" of cards today.

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