Monday, July 18, 2022

Lovin' The 80s and Flabbergasted

 A bit of a throwback day today with some 1980s baseball cards coming from the COVID lot. There's a number of sets I am collecting still from the 80s, so might be a few keepers, so let's take a peek.

Nice to see some early 80s cards, and a Johnny Bench card is a nice pick up. The Schmidt from 1986 Donruss Highlights box set is an interesting one too. I always find it interesting to pick up box set cards as singles because someone must have split up a nice set at some point.

If nothing else, I get a Jays pull with another 1988 Topps Ernie Whitt.

Well, if I was going to get three cards out of 1988 Leaf, Cal Ripken Jr is about as good a card as you can get! A McGwire to go with isn't too shabby either. Then we flip back to 1984 Donruss for Pena.

Only complaint in these cards really is, the sticker cards like Ozzie here, seem to be missing the sticker part. Totally understandable, but rather than trade these, I will use them as nice packaging in trades. I just can see having to explain it's just the back and without the sticker, and they are harder to file in TCDB when it's just "half" the card.

When it comes to stickers like this - do you trade the "half" cards? Do you collect such "half" cards?

We end today with the flabbergasting part...I got a package which, at first I thought was one of the PWE trades I have on the go, but ended up actually being a kind package sent from Sportscards From The Dollar Store.

I will always welcome a Leaf O Pee Chee card from the 80s (or earlier), in any PIF, trade, or random mailing I get, but the Gypsy Queen cards left be surprised.

I mean, it is the complete 15 card Blue Jays base set, as well as the 2 Jays Gypsy Gem Mini insert set cards. Like, all them! These are the first two 2022 Blue Jays teams sets I have complete now, amazing. I will definitely need to scrounge through and get a package to send back as a thank you for the thoughtful surprise.


  1. I probably wouldn't trade a half used sticker... and definitely would look for a complete sticker for any player collections. But I might toss one of those half stickers into a care package as a bonus or something.

  2. The cards missing stickers are listed in TCDB! Here's your Ozzie:

    1. Thanks! I'm still likely to just use as card package packaging, so a freebie for whoever gets it. :)