Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Getting Authentic

 Going through lots of cards like I do, some days are really good days - which makes up for days like yesterday - which was not. Today, we get enough of a pure base set, that I have added it to my "slow build" list - 2006-07 SP Authentic hockey. The base set as a whole is 250 cards, but most are serial numbered, so I don't really consider those base cards. The real, pure, base set, is 100 cards.

Typical of SP Authentic design, you get the player transposed onto a graphics background. I do prefer in game action, full photos, but these designs I do find soft and reflective enough that they come off nicely overall.

Also typical for these types of sets, you get 2-4 players for each team in the 100 card base set, depending on the deemed "stars" for each team. When they do this, I wouldn't mind if the uniform picture for each player for a team was the same, but that's just me being a bit obsessive compulsive.

The backs are pretty nice - and overall, give me a bit of an "artifacts" set vibe to them, all in. The top space for the name and logo could be a bit smaller to allow for more stats or write up.

Can't ever go wrong with throwing a Mr. Hockey card into a base set, I mean Gordie is pretty much welcome where ever he wants to go where hockey cards are concerned!

Definitely feel like a goalie card collector had these cards before as goalies are sparse to find in this lot at times, and not just the high profile, big star, HOF names either. That's alright, I can understand that.

With that, I have 63 of the 100 base cards here. I already had 4 cards from the set, so we are at 2/3 complete in one shot, which is a great start. If I were to guess, I may see a few more in this lot as there are some player specific sections in how the lot seemed to be sorted, but I wouldn't expect much more than that.

Very nice day for coming across this one though.

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