Friday, July 29, 2022

Pepsi Help

 Like yesterday's McDonalds cards with the obvious food tie in, today we get some drink tie in. Back in 1992, Diet Pepsi had a nice little set together with 30 cards, and though I have a few, I don't have too many, so happy to add a few more today.

As expected, you get the branding on the front and with some decent photos (Ozzie's being the best here), the backs could be a bit better. I like the stats, but instead of the fake signature, a little write up would have worked. At least you get a different pic on the back instead of reusing the front.

The real question is - do you prefer Pepsi, Coke, or does it not matter? For cards, I like these Pepsi ones, but in drinks - a slight preference for Coke, though I'd settle for Pepsi if there's no Coke to be had.


  1. When I drank Sodas (pop, colas, soft drinks) I preferred Coke over Pepsi but was mostly a Dr. Pepper guy. I avoid the stuff now. With a better diet and cutting out Soda since last NOV (2021) I have lost about 35 pounds. A couple of times I cheated with a Sprite like "clear" soda or a sugary fruit punch drink, but haven't had a regular or diet version soda since mid Nov.

  2. I, too, have really cut down on my sodas. Now it's a very once-in-a-while thing for me unless it's free. But I do prefer Coke to Pepsi. Vanilla Coke is the best although I don't think it's available here anymore--once in a while I'll get one in Singapore if I've been outside a lot (it's always hot in Singapore).

    And I loves me a Coke Slurpee. If they weren't so bad for me I'd be having one a week.

  3. I've always been a Coke guy, but I'm not to the extreme where I won't drink a Pepsi. Honestly... I don't drink a lot of soda these days. When I do... it's usually a root beer or San Pellegrino.