Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Balk to the Chalkboard

 Ah, The Simpsons.

I am not really a collector of TV show cards, but as I picked up this set in full, in a lot (twice, including a set of the insert stickers as well), I can count this set as complete for me...

So, I don't need the few base cards and couple insert stickers below for myself, but I did learn something new about the release, which of course I will share with you.

Now, not as annoying as say an Inc versus Inc. discussion of Donruss baseball cards, however, there is two different releases of this 1990  Topps release. There is a UK release separate from the North American one. The difference - the North American release has quotation marks around the quotes in bubbles on the front, while the UK set does not.

All the ones above are the American release, which isn't a surprise.

As for the stickers, I almost like the backs of the stickers better as the Bart chalkboard gags are just classic Simpsons. I find it amazing to think that kids these days may not know what a chalkboard is as schools, at least the elementary ones here, have moved to whiteboards instead.


  1. I watched The Simpsons for a few years... but haven't been a lifer. I'll occasionally watch an episode... but I can say the same for Southpark. The set though is pretty cool. Just like the New York Yankees... I'd rather collect their cards than watch their game (unless they're playing the A's or Padres).

    1. Southpark - there's a show I watched the first few seasons of, but haven't since! That takes me back.