Sunday, July 17, 2022

Mostly Canadian Studio

Another "pack" like pull from the COVID lot today, with a small assortment of 1994 Studio cards, which works for me as it is a set I am slowly collecting.

Big bonus points on this one as not only do I end up with a couple Jays, but a number of needed Expos as well. I don't mind the locker room backgrounds, I mean, they are different, and at the same time, give the set a uniform (no pun intended) look.

Heck, even a post-Jay Jimmy Key as well, two actually, so there's your front and back look. I will say, the pinstripe look for the fronts make the card look almost like a jail parallel or something. Small complaint on this set is, with the picture on the back eating up space, you don't get nearly the blurb information you did in prior sets, which to me at least was the unique selling point for the set.

1 comment:

  1. I like the locker backgrounds. It's different... and expected for a product like Studio.