Thursday, July 21, 2022

Unusual Ads

 As a card collector, the quirky and unusual always interest me. "Cards" like the following - which I had to scan twice to get the full open length are interesting (though I guess I could have taken a picture instead, but I always prefer scanning, but didn't want to break these apart).

2 intact sheets of baseball tattoos which were released by O Pee Chee. There are 24 sheets in total, but as it would work out, both of these have Blue Jays on them as you can see. So - the sheets being in tact, will make it into the Jays binder.

I do not remember these at all as a kid, and this is the first I can remember seeing them. No idea how well they work, or how they were distributed, but I picture them as vending machine purchases.

* Quick internet research *

Hmmm...apparently they were sold in "packs" with one sheet in each with a stick of gum. Now I know!

Keeping with the card unusual...

I always have a soft spot for these "inserts". Advert cards are a great little historical snap shot. In times like today with inflation on the rise, I always find it interesting looking at the old prices on mail in offers - kind of like how grandparents remind us of going to the store with a nickel and coming out with a bunch of penny candy - man prices continue to change.

I actually need the Yount Bowman card because...apparently there are variations with a difference between one and two asterisk marks on the are getting a little detailed in collecting these days, but also it begs the question - why did these cards have such minute differences in the first place?


  1. Didn't realize they made an OPC version of these tattoos. I'll have to track down a copy of the Gwynn/Henderson sheet for my collection.

    1. I love when I come across something new like that. Sorry I can't help you out on that one though.