Friday, July 8, 2022

Following on Yesterday

 Yesterday, we had a bunch of cards for Ryne Sandberg, and today, a few other players highlighted, just with not as many cards, but enough to chat about.

First up, 2019 Hall of Fame selection Mike Mussina, who spent his time between Baltimore and New York. Personally, I think of him more with Baltimore than New York, and looking at his stats year by year, he did a bit better in his 10 Baltimore years compared to the 8 in New York, but both were very good.

As far as the cards go, that's the first 2003 Topps 205 card I've come across in hand. WIll hold judgement until I see more....

Pudge got into the Hall in 2017, and was definitely one of the catchers that comes to mind as best of the 90s - Mike Piazza would be the other if I were naming 2. No rookie cards out of it, but at least we have the All Rookie Team for Topps out of 1992....or four of them.

Another Topps 205 card too.....hmmmmm.

Last up for today, Nomar - who only stuck around the HOF ballot for two years before dropping off. I remember the hype that came with Nomar, and not that he was a bad player, he was a very good player, but very good players don't a HOFer make.

He started off really well in Boston, but around 2000, the production fell and he was traded away...and though he stuck around with a few other teams, never really found his stride back.

At least Nomar had some good cards made for him as seen here.

If I had to pick one of the three for my team....I'd go with Mussina - hard to beat a solid pitcher.

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